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2022 Power Rankings After Week 7

1. Aces - The Aces were up against it with a backup QB playing against TMT desperate for a win. In games like this your stars need to be your stars and that's exactly what happened. Eric Diguistini had a quiet week 6 but came out in week 7 looking to lock up the MVP trophy. With 3 interceptions, 1 for a touchdown to go with a rushing TD and a passing TD. 

2. Purple Cobras – Breaking news, The Cobras will now refer to Dale Baxter as the following, Master, Daddy or Sir. If you play a game in Div 1 and you don't throw a pick or give up a sack it should be a decent day, That wasn't the case the short handed Cobras looked out of sorts from kickoff and are looking to lock up the number 2 seed next week against their long time rivals TMT.

3. Timberwolves – Best way to get off off a losing streak. A 30-0 forfeit win. Congrats on the free Pass. Up next AirForce. 

4. Rebels – The week of for the Rebels in week 6 was the best thing for QB Dale Baxter. He came out slinging and never stopped until the end of the third quarter. Side note, Captain Bhav Randhawa flew back specifically for the game and did absolutely nothing.

5. Spartans – And the train keeps rolling. The Spartans are riding a heater and at the perfect time. This week they matchup with there farm team the Rebels. This game can mean everything or nothing depending on the outcome of the other divisional games.

6. Air Force – The Air Force hold their own fate. Win and your in. They're up against it playing the T-Wolves this weekend as they try to get the ball rolling. Look for all hands on deck for this one. My vote for game of the week.

7. TMT - As the saying goes if you have two QBs you have none. In a must win game TMT had the perfect storm playing the Aces with a backup QB. TMT came out flat and made a change at QB and the comeback rally started. Greg Bowcott looked great moving the ball but being put into the fire late TMT came up short losing 19-14.  With one game left they need some help punching there playoff ticket.