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2022 Fall Power Rankings Pre-Season

1.  Spartans (3-1)

James Lepp, The man the myth the legend burns his former team with two interceptions. THIS IS WHAT NIGHTMARES ARE MADE OF. Down 4 with a few minutes left on the clock QB Jay Gill marched the Spartans down the field to punch it in on the last play of the game for the win vaulting them into 1st Place. The loss of fan favorite Sunny Deol will be almost impossible.

2. Cobras ( 2-1 )

The Cobras inability to punch it in from the red zone cost them dearly. With poor play calls and bad execution the Cobras left lots of points of the board. Look for the Cobras to bounce back in a major way next week against the Rebels.

3. Aces ( 1 - 2 )

The Aces wanted absolutely no part of an 0-3 start. Wayde Carpenter looked like his old self again putting a beat down on the Rebels.  Dropping dime after dime the rebels waived the white flag at half time and just wanted it to stop.

4.  Rebels ( 2-1 )

The Rebels went 1-1 on the day splitting their grueling double header. Grinding out a 1 point win against TMT is going to turn any heads but losing by 30 to the aces it may be time to sound the alarm. The may have a better record then the aces but a loss like that deserves a small punishment.

5. TMT ( 0 - 3 )

TMT put together a great performance and were lead by receiving sensation Matt Hargreaves. TMT has never been so attractive. Greg Bowcott looked to be destined for the win with an opening drive that lasted 12 plays and finished with a TD. TMT however fall short and suffered a 1 point loss to the Rebels and fall to 0-3